What To Do With Your Daughter's Homecoming Dress After She Wears It

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Most teenagers want a new dress to wear to homecoming. However, they don't typically attend a lot of formal events. So after the dance, your teen may find themselves with a dress that you aren't sure what to do with. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do with old homecoming dresses. If you are don't want your teen's homecoming dress to simply take up room in their closet, consider these things to do with a homecoming dress.

24 June 2016

Struggling With A Loss? Try Keepsake Jewelry After Cremation

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No one wants to lose a loved one, and the idea of their ashes being all that remains can be hard. Today, there are a few ways to keep a reminder of a loved one, and cremation keepsake jewelry is a popular trend.  Cremation Lockets Many of the original types of keepsake jewelry are designed as lockets. These lockets hold a small amount of ash. Once the company receives the ashes of a person's loved one, the locket is opened, the ashes inserted, and then the locket is sealed.

8 May 2016

Tips For Talking To Your Teenager About Attending A Funeral

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By their teenage years, some adolescents have attended a funeral and others have not. If there's a passing in your extended family and you're starting to make plans to attend the funeral, you might automatically plan to take your teenager with you to the chapel or funeral home. In some cases, the teenager will show a significant amount of resistance about doing so, and it's important to gently hear the teen's reservations instead of automatically assuming that he or she simply doesn't want to be bothered with the process.

19 April 2016

Important Information That Birth Mothers Should Know About Placing A Baby For Adoption

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As a pregnant woman who is considering giving up the baby for adoption, you are undoubtedly facing one of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make. You probably already know that you have several different types of adoption available to choose from, and giving up a child for adoption does not mean that you will never learn anything about the baby ever again. In order to make the best decision for you, the baby, and any children that you are already parenting, it is crucial to know the following facts.

10 December 2015