What To Do With Your Daughter's Homecoming Dress After She Wears It

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Most teenagers want a new dress to wear to homecoming. However, they don't typically attend a lot of formal events. So after the dance, your teen may find themselves with a dress that you aren't sure what to do with. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do with old homecoming dresses. If you are don't want your teen's homecoming dress to simply take up room in their closet, consider these things to do with a homecoming dress.

Donate it to Charity

If you are positive your teen is never going to wear the dress again, consider donating it to charity. Homecoming and prom dresses can cost a lot of money and unfortunately, not every teen afford to buy one. There are many charities that take homecoming, prom and even bridesmaids' dresses and donate them to teen girls who can't afford a dress. Cinderella's Closet and The Princess Project are just a couple of examples of these types of charities.

Wear it to a Prom After Party

Wardrobe changes for a prom after party are becoming more and more trendy. However, instead of changing into something comfortable, more and more teenage girls are looking to change into another dress, one that may be more of a party dress than a formal dress. An old homecoming dress, such as a short dress, may be perfect for this occasion. While your teen may feel strange wearing their dress again, most girls are not going to remember that your teen wore the same dress to homecoming a year or two earlier. Or, if your teen is really self conscious about it, they can even exchange old dresses with friends.

Save it For Senior Pictures

The last option you have for an already worn homecoming dress is to keep it for your teen's senior pictures. A homecoming dress can be worn to create a glamorous senior portrait when it is worn next to a fountain or stone bridge. Or your teen can wear the dress in a garden or wooden area to create a whimsical shot. A great photographer can find the perfect setting to incorporate a dress your teen loves into their senior portraits.

Most high schools have fall and winter homecoming dances. This means that your teenage daughter may wind up with up to eight homecoming dresses during her high school years. This may leave you wondering what to do with these dresses. Donating them, wearing one to a prom after party or saving her favorites for senior portraits are all great options.

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