Struggling With A Loss? Try Keepsake Jewelry After Cremation

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No one wants to lose a loved one, and the idea of their ashes being all that remains can be hard. Today, there are a few ways to keep a reminder of a loved one, and cremation keepsake jewelry is a popular trend. 

Cremation Lockets

Many of the original types of keepsake jewelry are designed as lockets. These lockets hold a small amount of ash. Once the company receives the ashes of a person's loved one, the locket is opened, the ashes inserted, and then the locket is sealed. It is not able to be opened in most cases; usually, the locket is sealed shut by searing the metal. 

Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds are a new keepsake popular among families. When a loved one dies, that person's body creates around 2 kilograms, or about five pounds, of ashes (as an adult). To make a diamond, around a pound of ashes must be used. That means that each adult person's body can generate around four to five diamonds, making it possible for several people in the family to have a keepsake. 

These diamonds take a few months to create, because the process requires high pressure and heat. When a person orders this diamond, there may also be options of different settings or the cut of the diamond preferred. It's not unusual for this process to take three months or longer. The diamonds are created to the specifications of the family and are one of a kind. 

Generally speaking, the buyer can choose the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamond; the more pure it will be, the more it will cost. Also, most companies allow the diamonds to be inscribed and can provide DNA evidence that it's the ashes of a loved one that have been used to create them.

Glass Keepsakes

Glass keepsakes are unique, because they are each custom-made to hold the ashes of a loved one. One popular type is called dichroic glass, which infuses ashes between several layers of hand-cut glass. The glass is translucent, and it can be made into many different shapes. 

Popular shapes for glass keepsakes include:

  • Crosses
  • Circle pendants
  • Quilted tiles, which have several colors and shapes embedded in them
  • Hearts

These are a few options available today. From lockets to diamonds, the options are expanding for keeping a loved one close at heart. If you've recently lost a loved one, click here for info about your memorial options.


8 May 2016

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